The Really Simple Way to Create Both a Standard

and iTunes Compatible RSS Feed!

NEW RELEASE: Version 3.2 - New features include:

    -Audio and Video podcast support

    -New iTunes categories and subcategories compliant

      as well as...

    -Ability to edit previously entered episode information

    -Preview how your episode will look in iTunes
    -And much more...

Thanks to all the users who have suggested these improvements.

NEWS: iTunes "Error Line 1 - White Space" message

Many users are receiving the above error message when submitting their feed to iTunes. Don't worry, there's nothing wrong with your feed! This error means that iTunes can't find your rss file. More info here.

The RSS Buddy is the easiest and quickest way to produce iTunes compliant RSS feeds. In less than a minute, you could be creating iTunes compatible feeds for your podcast without knowing any RSS code. It's the hassle-free way to get yourself listed on the iTunes Podcast Directory!

iTunes requires your RSS feed to include specific non-standard <tags>. Unless your feed is built for iTunes compatibility, it will not be included in the directory. The Podcast RSS Buddy will create a RSS feed which works with both standard feed readers, and iTunes.

The Podcast RSS Buddy is quick, easy, reliable and... inexpensive.



  Features include:

   -Easy point and click automated RSS feeds
   -Preview how your podcast will look in iTunes
   -Support for audio podcast and video podcasts
   -Easy editing of previous episode entries

   -Online video tutorial (watch HERE)

   -Free lifetime upgrades for registered users

   -Mac and Windows versions

   -and much more!


The Podcast RSS Buddy is Shareware, and comes with a free trial. Give it a shot - you can try it for five free runs. You will see it is the best way to get your podcast feed up and running and iTunes compliant. After the trial, you can purchase a key for only $19.00 to unlock your new buddy for unlimited uses.

Optimized for:

+Windows 98

+Windows 2000

+Windows XP

+Windows NT

+ AND Mac OS X !

Registered users can also submit their podcasts to be listed in the RSS Buddy Directory.

Watch the Flash Movie Tutorial to see how easy it is to produce your own RSS feed.

The Podcast Buddy is guaranteed to be spy-ware and ad-ware free.

Did I mention it's easy? Oh, and it's also iTunes compliant. Might have mentioned that...

©2006 Chris Tolley
The Legal Stuff: Although The Podcast RSS Buddy is iTunes compliant, it is not necessarily endorsed by or directly associated with Apple Computers, Inc.
Apple and iTunes are registered trade marks of Apple Computer, Inc.

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