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Your evening begins as you approach a Victorian building that showcases go go dancers in the glass window on the ground floor. You enter and ascend a grand staircase into an indoor playground that has been created to set the mood of love inside a winter wonderland. Have your fortune read, enjoy a drink, and take in some techno music.

As you leave the playground, expect to be adorned with a yellow or pink glow necklace and sprinkled with glitter. You enter the nightclub and find yourself on the dance floor in the midst of a powerful and sensual night club experience.

The DJ welcomes you to the "Club Verona". Suddenly a scrap erupts and escalates to a full blown fight between two opposing camps: the Capulets and the Montagues. You realize that you – and everyone else – belong to one or the other depending on the colour of your necklace. The stage thus set, the evening unfolds.

First you'll meet the sweet young Juliet and her best friend, a tarty S&M queen who answers only to "Nurse", and then Romeo and his friend, the hardcore clubber, Mercutio.

Looking for action, Romeo soon connects with Juliet on the dance floor – until pulled apart by the opposing camps. Determined to be together, they agree by text message to meet in the washroom and consummate their love. Paris, Capulet ring leader and Romeo rival has other ideas, text messaging Juliet to say: "2night we R 2gether".

As the evening unfolds, Juliet’s predicament deepens: She knows Paris’s determination to have her. She knows as well the harm he will inflict on Romeo if he learns that she has been with a Montague. To protect Romeo, she decides she must be with Paris – but not before securing a drug from the Friar that will numb her senses.

In the bathroom, Juliet listens as the Friar proposes a plan: He gives her a vial to drink. The drug will make her appear to have OD’d. Paris, fearing being fingered, will take off. Romeo, however, will run to her side.

Juliet drinks the vial and collapses on the dance floor. But the Friar is fried and has given her too powerful a dose. Romeo runs to her side to find Juliet dead. Romeo, in shock, sees Paris exiting the club. Knowing it will mean his death, Romeo screams to Paris that he has had sex with Juliet tonight. Paris, enraged, shoots Romeo. As a thundering gunshot rings through the club, the lights go to black.

From the upper balcony, a club girl wearing wings stands alone and beings to sing an aria a cappella. Slowly, the lights come back up. The DJ implores everyone to renounce hatred and embrace love and each other on the dance floor. As the music builds, Romeo and Juliet descend from heaven to join the party. You join them and the other cast members in a dance of celebration.

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