An inner-city urban arts festival designed to make noise against violence in the City of Toronto.

In July of 2006, the Rexdale community will welcome the City of Toronto as it plays host to the first annual urbanNOISE festival. Designed as a reaction against the violence and negative forces that are decaying neighbourhoods and communities in the GTA, urbanNOISE will be a one-of-a-kind event that fuses popular hip hop culture with social activism to examine and eliminate the crime taking place in neighbourhoods across the city.

urbanNOISE is a co-production with Arts Etobicoke.

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The Tunnel Runners
CBC Radio

Caught on a videophone, this fictional documentary unveils the universe that lives beneath your feet. The Tunnel Runners exposes the truth behind the rumours of a secret society that call Toronto's subway tunnels home.

Scheduled for National Broadcast on CBC's Radio One and Radio Two in early 2006.


Max, a young artist crippled by his consuming fear of life, pins a "do not resuscitate sign" to his pajama shirt, puts a loaded Smith & Wesson to his head and fires. Paramedics who are called by alarmed neighbours resuscitate him en route to the hospital. When he comes to in intensive care three days later, he has a hole in his head, no memory, and now no fear.

Static: an exploration of man's deepest fears told through light, sound, visual art, dance and video in a series of interactive installations.

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Romeo/Juliet Remixed

Your evening begins as you approach a Victorian building that showcases go go dancers in the glass window on the ground floor. You enter and ascend a grand staircase into an indoor playground that has been created to set the mood of love inside a winter wonderland. Have your fortune read, enjoy a drink, and take in some techno music.

As you leave the playground, expect to be adorned with a yellow or pink glow necklace and sprinkled with glitter. You enter the nightclub and find yourself on the dance floor in the midst of a powerful and sensual night club experience.

The DJ welcomes you to the "Club Verona". Suddenly a scrap erupts and escalates to a full blown fight between two opposing camps: the Capulets and the Montagues. You realize that you – and everyone else – belong to one or the other depending on the colour of your necklace. The stage thus set, the evening unfolds.

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What do you get when you take a Festival full of kids and let them unleash their creativity all over Harbourfront's Lakeside Terrace for a whole week?

You get an interactive, inter-disciplinary, living art installation created by youth during the Milk Festival. That’s right, kids fused with a wild smattering of visual arts, music, video, and technology. In other words, total KIDfusion.

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Survival U

An edgy, fast-paced comedy that helps students survive the transition from high school into university & college.

Survival U is a 50 minute comedy that follows the lives of four students as they experience the many ups and downs of their first year of school.

ISSUES INCLUDE: sex, leaving home, campus safety, alcohol and drugs, cults on campus, stress, financial management and much more…

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Rexdale Voices

When we began this project, our concept was to collect as many Rexdale stories from as many diverse community members as possible. We interviewed, audio recorded and photographed over 65 community members in their homes, places of work, schools, and meeting places. Along the way, we made an enlightening discovery: The real story of Rexdale is not only found in the lives of those who call Rexdale home, but also in how those lives interconnect to create one of the world’s truly unique neighbourhoods.

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