“Since its inception, eXpect Theatre has offered students an innovative glimpse at post-secondary education. It has provided our nation’s young people with the skills needed to fulfil their fondest aspirations.”
Jean Chrétien
Prime Minister of Canada

“In my opinion, these productions should be a ‘must see’ for all
students who want to excel in our institutions of higher learning.”
Mel Lastman
Mayor of Toronto


eXpect theatre is proud to announce sponsorship of its 2001 high school, college, and university tours by Canada's hottest youth broadcaster: MUCHMUSIC

Together, eXpect Theatre and MUCHMUSIC will bring "SURVIVAL U", a hip, edgy comedy about surviving university and college, to the MUCH generation. The new partnership will kick off with the launch of the SURVIVAL U High School Tour running from April 17 to May 18, 2001 in schools across southern Ontario. Over the course of the tour, tens of thousands of Ontario senior high school students will learn the fundamental skills required to survive their first yearof post-secondary education.

Following this tour, eXpect together with MUCH will launch SURVIVAL U - the university and college tour. Over the course of the summer and fall, eXpect will travel to the top universities and colleges across Ontario, Quebec and the northern United States. The show will be performed for tens of thousands of first year students during their Orientation and Frosh Week celebrations.

The play's message is powerful and timely. Studies show that 1/3 of university students will not graduate, and half will drop out because they are unable to cope with campus life. Recognizing the tremendous need for positive information, Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley created the hour-long show in 1994.

The play deals with a mixed bag of issues including: sex, finances, leaving home, campus safety, alcohol and drugs and stress management. The impact was immediate and demand for SURVIVAL U surged. Since that first year, hundreds of high schools, universities and colleges from Windsor to Nova Scotia, New York to North Bay have invited SURVIVAL U into their schools.

eXpect theatre's number one goal is to create productive partnerships with cutting edge organizations in order to bring its powerful message to as many Canadian students as possible. The sponsorship of MUCHMUSIC is a significant milestone in achieving this objective.

"MUCHMUSIC is delighted to support Chris and Laura's excellent work that entertains and educates", says Sarah Crawford - Vice-President, Social Policy & Media Education, CHUM Television.

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