Laura Mullin and Chris Tolley
Artistic Directors
Chris Tolley and Laura Mullin have been working as a creative team for the past 8 years. In 2001 Tolley and Mullin formed Spark Productions as an outlet for innovative and experimental theatre. Together, they also founded eXpect theatre and which has produced shows for over 300,000 students in Canada and the Northern United States.

During their tenure with eXpect, Laura and Chris have had the opportunity to travel to New York City to perform shows for the past several years. While in New York, they have been exposed to a wide variety of innovative environmental productions. Influenced by this fresh approach to theatre, Laura and Chris decided to form Spark Productions and bring unconventional shows that involve audience participation as well a mixture of various artistic mediums, to the city of Toronto.

Laura Mullin (writer/director)
Laura Mullin is one half of the creative team of Spark Productions, the company that produced the critical hit Romeo/Juliet Remixed. Together with Chris Tolley, she co-wrote, directed and produced the show that went on to be nominated for five Dora Awards (including Outstanding Production), and won for Outstanding Choreography. Laura is also a founding member of eXpect theatre and co-writer of the plays, HIGH Life and SURVIVAL U which have been performed for over a quarter of a million students in both Canada and the United States. A graduate and contract faculty member of York University's Theatre program, Laura has been involved in a number of theatre and television projects in Ontario. She was employed by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation for three years and in that time helped cast and promote such high profile programs as: Ken Finkleman's The Newsroom, The Air Farce, Black Harbour, and Jonovision.

Chris Tolley (writer/director)
Chris is the co-writer, director and producer of the critically acclaimed hit Romeo/Juliet REMIXED (nominated for five Dora Awards - winner for Outstanding Choreography). He is also the Co-Artistic Director and one of the founding members of eXpect Theatre. During his tenure with eXpect, he has written, directed and produced shows which have reached over a quarter of a million people throughout Canada and the U.S.A. Chris has trained at several notable institutions including The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in the United Kingdom, York University (Honors BFA), and is an active member on the boards of directors for several Canadian theatre companies. He currently holds a Contract Faculty position with York University's Theatre Department.